Victims Will Have Their Say

Announced last week by the British government, victims of sexual harassment in the workplace will now have a say in how laws surrounding it are redesigned. The Government Equalities office is reaching out to the public, asking that victims come forward and share their stories in one of the largest surveys of its kind. Using a sample of 12,000 participants, the Equalities office will use the data from these surveys to determine the general impact of sexual harassment and build a picture of how m

How You Can Help End Period Poverty

All UK schools will have free period products from today, but we still have a long way to go Today brings good news for equality in England, as the government has finally maximised its efforts to end period poverty (an umbrella term used to describe the struggle to access sanitary products as a result of financial restrictions). According to The Department of Education, period products will be available and free to access in all English schools and colleges starting from today (19/01/2020). Las

In Defence of the Sex Schedule

By now, we understand that sex is much more complex than we were ever led to believe in sex education. It’s not just an experience that’s done recreationally until you want to reproduce, it’s a phenomenon that changes and evolves as often as we do. Our sex lives adapt and are influenced by our mental states, environments, bodily changes, work lives, friendships, and all other aspects of our lives. Long term and domestic relationships (referring to couples that live together) are expected to be

Dear New Year III

So, how are you welcoming in 2020? Whether you have a headache and a kitchen full of bottles, a day one adventure about to unfold, or an afternoon lazing in PJs contemplating the clean slate in front of you, there’s no question that this January 1st feels like a momentous one. So, here in its honour is our final instalment of team Restless’ hopes, fears and dreams for the new decade. May it bring you all that you wish for and more, rebel! Hello, 2020! In my head, it’s still 2016, so, I’m still

Anti-Depressants Could Be Holding Your Libido Hostage

Anti-depressants can be amazing. For some, they conceal the symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses for long enough so that we can navigate day-to-day life and cope. They can stabilise your mood for long enough that factors like suicidal feelings and dark thoughts are kept at bay. For others, anti-depressants are the difference between life and death. Antidepressants work by balancing chemicals called neurotransmitters in your brain, which affect your mood and emotions. Though they ar

On Cutting Ties With a Parent

People tell you with caution to think about how you speak to your parents, as you never know when the last time could be. They warn of this with intended care and often genuine regret from first-hand experiences, but I always hoped every conversation I had with my dad would be the last. Every time I visited his house, or he picked me up from my house in his car, I told myself this would be the last time. “After today, I’m not coming back,” I’d say. The thing about the last time you talk to your

Dear Dads, your daughter’s sex life has nothing to do with you.

This week, rapper TI admitted to committing deeply misogynistic acts against his daughter, completely without remorse or shame, which resulted in people feeling (predictably and rightly) horrified. On an unnamed podcast, TI proudly spoke about taking his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah to a gynaecologist every year just after her birthday, where he instructs her to consent her confidential medical information to be shared with him. From there, he asks the doctor to confirm whether her hymen remains

How to Make Your Sex Life More Sustainable

In the current climate crisis, it’s no longer an option for anyone to hide away in blissful ignorance. We all have a job to do; using our best efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle. There’s been a recent (understandable) uproar over the lack of sustainability in leading industries marketed towards womxn, such as fashion and makeup. The statistics for environmental damage caused by makeup made without a conscience and fast fashion are alarming, but what about the sex industry? Do our sex l

Cyber Flashing: 70 Women On What It's Like To Be Sent Unsolicited Dick Pics

written by Sophie Gallagher. You’re standing on a busy train when your phone buzzes: someone’s trying to AirDrop you some pictures. Photos of an erect penis, it turns out when you check the thumbnails. You don’t know who is sending them, where they are in proximity to you, or why they are doing the digital equivalent of exposing themselves in public. But you do know that what’s not OK in real life isn’t OK on your phone either.

Are We Under Too Much Pressure To Orgasm?

Socially, orgasms have represented a difficult journey for women. For too long, female pleasure has been side-lined. In the 1930s, when psychological research around sex first began, discovering information about female pleasure was not prioritised, because it wasn’t considered important for reproducing. Only men’s experience of sex was properly studied, in order to understand conception. Sexually pleasing women was not only discouraged, and considered a waste of effort, but buried away complet

From Pain to Pleasure

There’s a lot I took for granted before it happened; the ease of masturbation, the intimacy of holding someone, the warmth of yearning a person in close physical proximity to me. I didn’t lose those desires after being sexually assaulted; they just seemed irreparably prohibited. It’s incredibly difficult to desire sex in a body that wants to protect you and in a society that wants to restrict you. Pain has always been an easier narrative to squash women into than pleasure. The hurt of periods,

It's Time to Add Masturbation to Our Self Care Routine

Throughout this year, a notable change in conversations around sex is the way we discuss masturbation. The dialogue has evolved for the better, hinting at a more promising and inclusive future. There’s, of course, still plenty of work to do, but the efforts of feminist activists and those communicating honestly with each other have resulted in an understanding of something simple, but long misunderstood: Women. Wank. Too. It’s true. Women masturbate, we really like it actually, and 2019 is the

It’s My Pleasure Series

The It’s My Pleasure column is a series of articles exploring female intimacy. It discovers the nuances of solo sex, of personal sexual liberation journeys, and most importantly, aims to change our outdated views on female pleasure. In recent years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have witnessed a sexual revolution in society, which, personally, is my favourite kind of uprising. A decade ago, out-loud utterances of sexual stories, questions or advice would have been batted away and shamed. But so

You can still be sexy after sexual assault

The ease of sex is taken for granted by anyone who hasn’t experienced sexual assault. It’s understandable; sex for most people is a simple part of life, as natural as falling asleep. For sexual violence survivors, things can turn out a little differently. After I was sexually assaulted by a partner, I found the world of dating and sex incredibly confusing. Entering this domain without previous trauma can be complex enough, without the added fear of wondering whether things will be the same for

How to Rebuild Intimacy After Sexual Assault

Many survivors of sexual assault will experience changes to their sex life, or difficulties engaging in sexual activity after trauma. The way a person is changed after experiencing sexual violence is significant, often including notable alterations to their sexual self. 94% of people who have experienced sexual violence will display symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) such as flashbacks, disassociation and panic attacks. These symptoms can affect an individual’s sex drive generall

How to Prioritize your Mental Health as a Queer Person

In an age when we’re all constantly online, we can feel surrounded by triggers. This is especially true for those in the LGBTQ+ community. Having just closed International Pride Month, London’s Pride parade, and with mass violence reportage circulating, queers are more aware now than ever, that there’s still work to be done on the equality front. This year, there has been an influx of focused attention on the LGBTQ+ community. Statistics are becoming more accurate with new identity options adde

What Do I Wear to Therapy?

I’ve always lived in fear of pulling together a rushed outfit that reveals my lack of style knowledge, so I routinely prepare the day’s outfits the night before, right down to my sock selection. But as I started formulating my look for the next day’s appointment, I realised my laundry was the latest on a long list of rituals I’d let dwindle in the midst of PTSD recovery. My favourite tees were heading for underneath the bed, amongst old takeaway boxes and my scattered collection of vibrators, a

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is Tackling the Stigma that Surrounds Anti-Depressants

This article contains spoilers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Like many people, I was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and prescribed with anti-depressants while I was still in the process of growing up. For me, as with a lot of young people battling mental illness, TV and film were forms of escapism – but unfortunately, I grew up at a time where the only mainstream depictions of mental health were inaccurate at best, and downright offensive at worst.

International Women's Day: Celebrating women who are empowered by their tattoos

Contributed to this article for The Metro, written by Hattie Gladwell. "I’d always wanted at least a sleeve, since I was about 12 years old. It was actually only last year, though, that I decided I wanted to be more covered, and wanted to go onto my legs too. My tattoos have got me through a lot and helped me to feel myself, and I’ll continue to get them added to mark milestones or as an act of self care. Women with tattoos are human."

Crazy-Ex Girlfriend Shows Us the Dangers of Using Love as a ‘Cure’ –

This article contains spoilers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CW’s Crazy-Ex Girlfriend (streaming on Netflix for anyone in the UK) has been understandably praised across international media outlets for its great efforts to represent what life with mental illness is like, in an authentic way. Main character Rebecca Bunch (portrayed by writer and co-creator Rachel Bloom) has been designed with care, excellent writing, and meticulous attention to important details about mental health. As the show is brin
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