What face sitting is and why people get off on it

Contributed to this article by Paisley Gilmour for Cosmopolitan. "I always used to hate face sitting and I found it really vulgar because I associated the act with men who are complete bell ends. 'Sit on my face' is such a line from creepy Tinder men, or lads on the pull in clubs, and it always seemed like a demeaning act to me. I'm also a submissive, so I tend to always be the one who's being pinned or sat on. I'm much more comfortable being dominated than I am dominating another person."

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is Tackling the Stigma that Surrounds Anti-Depressants

This article contains spoilers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Like many people, I was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and prescribed with anti-depressants while I was still in the process of growing up. For me, as with a lot of young people battling mental illness, TV and film were forms of escapism – but unfortunately, I grew up at a time where the only mainstream depictions of mental health were inaccurate at best, and downright offensive at worst.

International Women's Day: Celebrating women who are empowered by their tattoos

Contributed to this article for The Metro, written by Hattie Gladwell. "I’d always wanted at least a sleeve, since I was about 12 years old. It was actually only last year, though, that I decided I wanted to be more covered, and wanted to go onto my legs too. My tattoos have got me through a lot and helped me to feel myself, and I’ll continue to get them added to mark milestones or as an act of self care. Women with tattoos are human."

Crazy-Ex Girlfriend Shows Us the Dangers of Using Love as a ‘Cure’ –

This article contains spoilers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CW’s Crazy-Ex Girlfriend (streaming on Netflix for anyone in the UK) has been understandably praised across international media outlets for its great efforts to represent what life with mental illness is like, in an authentic way. Main character Rebecca Bunch (portrayed by writer and co-creator Rachel Bloom) has been designed with care, excellent writing, and meticulous attention to important details about mental health. As the show is brin

Finding Feminism - Beth Ashley

In my post about not blogging for a while and wanting to make a comeback, I mentioned wanting to write more feminist content. And I do. Feminism is a huge part of my life, and I believe it should have a space in everyone’s lives. I’ve worked with feminist charities like Refuge & Women’s Aid and brought it to my podcast. I even started a feminist magazine. But for some reason, it never quite made it to my blog in the way I wanted to. Perhaps that’s because I, regrettably, spent too much time wr

How to Get a Job in the Media When You're Completely Skint - Beth Ashley

Looking for a job or trying to build work experience, whether you’re a graduate, more experienced, or just starting to get your foot in the door is never as simple as it feels like it should be. It’s difficult to do unpaid placements and internships without money (especially if you’re quite a distance from London), and they’re crucial for building work experience up when you don’t have any. Even the job search for more permanent roles can be expensive with train tickets to interviews, smart clot

Dear Angry Male 'Doctor Who' Fans -- Calm Down

It was recently announced that the lovely Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor and the first female to ever land the role on “Doctor Who.” She was fantastic in “Broadchurch” (check it out on Netflix), so there’s no reason to assume she wouldn’t make a great Doctor. Unless, of course, you’re over-sensitive and can’t handle any sort of change in a series that’s been running for 50 years. The news seems to be an awful lot of people’s worst nightmare come true. I’m a little confused as to why so many

An Ode to Teenage Mothers

With the rise of teenage pregnancy across the country, the lack of support provided for younger families is becoming more and more apparent. The stigma surrounding teenage parents, particularly around the mothers, also appears to be as prominent as ever, causing a lack of confidence within young mothers and less accessibility to resources needed to succeed in motherhood. With cuts to budgets, as well as benefit schemes to under 25s, providing sheltered housing and council housing to young famili

EU Referendum Results: Young Screwed By Older Generations

The most damaging part of this result the staggering difference in how people of different ages planned to vote. I voted Remain on Thursday, and went to bed Thursday night feeling confident that Remain would win. I reassured friends that it wouldn’t happen, I didn’t believe that the majority of the UK would fire us into uncertainty like this. But when I woke up this morning to the news Britain had voted to back Brexit, I felt such an overwhelming disappointment. The EU referendum has divided th

The Stanford Case Is About More Than Brock Turner's Sentencing

As I witnessed the uproar surrounding the Stanford case and the blame towards the victim for the past week, I felt sick. Physically sick. The statement released by the victim detailing her distress and her fear that Brock would not be charged, the legally necessary but sickening use of the word "alleged" over and over in reference to the assault that will affect her life forever — it all created a special kind of nausea that comes when public events cross with your deepest, private triggers. I f

Why Every Assault Matters

I’ve previously written about this before, about my own incident, on my blog. How I downplayed it for so long and carried it like a huge burden. It took until the Stanford rape case, and to see how many people this affected, for me to realise that I could no longer shrug my shoulders and act like what happened to me wasn’t important. The incident might not have stopped me from dating and having fun, but it’s still affected me greatly. In many ways, my situation was considerably tamer. Tamer tha